When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Thanks to Golf Supports our Troops, The SMGA will, again, be sending veterans to Ireland this year as part of their Heroes to Ireland 2019 trip. The trip will take place from September 1-8 and include two days of golf and camaraderie at Rosapenna Golf Hotel and Resort in county Donegal. What’s new is that the SMGA will be sending two female veterans, RJ Thorman (Brooklyn, NY) and Lisa Kukula (Fountain Valley, CA) this year along with Richard Little (Morgantown, WV) and Saul Martinez (Bozeman, MT). The group of 20 American will be joined this year bu four wounded veterans from the UK. This is the third year at Golf Supports our Troops has sponsored this trip and SMGA veterans have participated in the event the other two years as well (2015 and 2017)

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